Massage & Movement Therapy
Susan Hamblen, MA19496       

Massage & Movement.....                                     
                                       What's the connection ?

Did you ever stop to think how your activities of daily living influence your body structure?

Why do the same aches, pains & restriction of movement keep returning?

There is a connection.  I can help you understand the influence that movement, breath and emotion have on your physical structure.   

Your body is amazing.  It wants to be in balance and healthy.  You deserve to feel healthy and happy every single day of your life.  That is your real destiny... to be happy and healthy.

I use therapeutic massage techniques, simple yoga moves, stretching, breath work and body awareness. My wish is to empower you to believe you can make a difference... in yourself and in the world around you.

I am currently enrolled in a 500 hour training program to become certified in Structural Integration. This program is offered through KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Integration). The KMI protocol is a series of deep bodywork sessions that work progressively through the entire body, first surface, then core, then bringing the two together in integrated harmony.

I will have competed the first half of this training by the end of 2014. At that time I will be offering the 3 Series of bodywork outlined by Tom Myers Anatomy Trains myofascial meridian map. 

In all of my work, we, (you & I together) will be seeking greater order in posture and movement. We will examine, analysis and work with that border between structure and function. Sustained change in tissue and postural balance is a compromise between the need for stability and mobility.

I am excited about developing the visual and palpatory skills to create these session strategies to ease you toward structural integrity and balance. Join me for this journey into fascial plasticity and responsiveness. This is the key to lasting, substantive therapeutic change.


Move, Breathe, Laugh, Love  

949 SE Central Parkway
Stuart, Fl 34994
(772) 221-1148

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