Massage & Movement Therapy
Susan Hamblen, MA19496       
What I have to offer....

Massage sessions are designed to meet each individual's unique needs. I offer 20 years of hands on massage experience and all the insights and knowledge acquired. I have a variety of massage techniques
at my fingertips : )

Please check out the new page on fascia & structural integration for more information about what I offer & what those phrases mean.... (hope to publish soon - patience please)

     Myofascial Release        Neuromuscular Therapy     Posture & Movement Assessment    Structural Integration

                                                            60 min  =  $75
                                                           90 min  =  $110
                                                         120 min  =  $150

Yoga instruction can be scheduled as a portion of your massage therapy time, one on one, or you can participate in a class. 

There are no group yoga classes at this time. Beginning Sept 2014 I will be traveling to Maine to study with Tom Myers & KMI. I am out of town for 2 weeks at a time My massage schedule (when in town) is Tu-Sat 10-6.  Training will be complete late 2015. If you call the studio # (772-221-1148) the message will indicate where I am & what I offer.

The studio can accommodate up to 6 students.  Props are provided.  Please bring your own mat if possible.  Wear clothes you can move comfortably in.  You will be barefoot, clean feet please.  Many people have allergies so please no scented body products. Space is limited so call ahead to ensure your spot.  Class is 75-90 minutes in length. 

If you have a group of friends or family who are interested in exploring yoga please contact me to discuss the options.

                                                              Yoga Class = $15

                                                     Move, Breathe, Laugh, Love

                                                                 949 SE Central Parkway
                                                                     Stuart, Fl 34994
                                                                     (772) 221-1148








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