Massage & Movement Therapy
Susan Hamblen, MA19496       
What I have to offer....

Bodywork sessions are designed to meet each individual's unique needs. I offer 20 years of hands on massage experience and all the insights and knowledge acquired. I have a variety of massage techniques
at my fingertips : )

All sessions begin with a through intake process. Medical history, your insight into your structure and habits, your goals for our work together. I will watch you walk and move. I need to see your body in gravity. This is not about judgment it is about analysis. We have to know where we are starting from to know where we are going.

Please check out the new page on fascia & structural integration for more information about what I offer & what those phrases mean....


I have been trained in the following by 
                          MFR = John Barnes,                            NMT = Paul St John,                     SI = Tom Myers
                       My training in movement is through Southern Institute Of Yoga Therapists (SIYI) & James Earl.

 Myofascial Release        Neuromuscular Therapy     Posture & Movement Assessment    Structural Integration


                                                            60 min  =  $80
                                                            75 min  =  $100
                                                           90 min  =  $120
                          I accept cash or checks. I am not set up to accept credit cards.
            An invoice can be provided for reimbursement through your health insurance or your HSA.

                                                     Move, Breathe, Laugh, Love

                                                                 949 SE Central Parkway
                                                                     Stuart, Fl 34994
                                                                     (772) 221-1148








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