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AT Structural Integration
ATSI is a treatment protocol utilizing "Anatomy Trains' as developed and taught by Tom Myers. Anatomy Trains is the mapping of the whole body fascia and Myofascial linkages (connections).

There are 12 separate and progressive sessions outlined in this 'recipe', although the number you need may vary. This can be used to resolve particular problems, as a 'tonic' for your posture, movement and what used to be called 'carriage' - how you carry yourself through the world.

Your body is your most primary tool. SI can be seen as an extended course in reacquainting yourself with your body in motion and gravity, whether you are a finely-tuned athlete or computer-bound couch potato.

The SI approach is to free the binding and shortening in these connective tissues, what we refer to as the 'fascial network' and to re-educate the body in efficient and energy sustaining (as opposed to energy robbing) patterns.

This work is a collaborative process between the therapist and the client. Work will be done using a table, a bench or in gravity. Sessions will be conducted in underwear or bathing suit. Your therapist will need to observe you standing and moving to assess structural restrictions and patterns.

The series is designed to have a beginning, middle, and end. This is not an ongoing therapy. Your body will continue to make changes for 6-12 months after the series end. You are encouraged to return 2-3 times a year for a 'tune-up'.
It is recommended that these sessions are scheduled every or every other week. Breaks in treatment can be built in to accommodate your life, finances and travel plans.
The first 4 sessions are, generally, more superficial, addressing  the tissues on the front, back and sides of the body and freeing the shoulder and arms from any binding to the trunk.
The middle 4 address the 'core' of your body, working the central stabilization muscles closer to the spine. The last 4 integrate 'core' and 'sleeve' into your habitual movement. This work will leave you with a lasting and progressive change that will echo throughout the rest of your life.
My mission is to help you understand your body... how you are designed to be unique.

Isn't is amazing that we all have the same parts but can look and move so differently

Turn your attention inward. Explore your individuality. Rejoice in the miracle that is you. 

Namaste'    Susan Hamblen
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